AUDIO: Devil Sold His Soul – Awaiting The Flood (2017)

2017 has been quite the year for British ambient/progressive metal outfit Devil Sold His Soul, having toured both the UK and Europe to support and celebrate the tenth anniversary of their bleak and dismal debut record, ‘A Fragile Hope’, adding the special element of not one, but two vocalists in both the band’s original and current frontmen, Ed Gibbs and Paul Green.

To wrap up the festivities of this milestone, the band have now re-recorded and released a revamped version of one of the album’s songs, ‘Awaiting The Flood’, featuring for the first time both vocalists on one recording, tracked, produced and mixed at Bandit Studios by the band’s guitarist, Jonny Renshaw.

You can stream and listen to the new version of ‘Awaiting The Flood’ below.

At the time of writing, it’s uncertain as to whether further tracks from ‘A Fragile Hope’ will be re-recorded in a similar way, or if this also marks as a confirmation that Gibbs has officially returned to the band full-time.

If you fancy reading a bit more about how the band feel about ‘A Fragile Hope’ now, the mentality of the band at the time, and how the record came together, you can read our retrospective Ten Years On feature on the album (here).