AUDIO: Demons – 17:9

Go wild for Demons’ new track ’17:9′. The song is part of their self-produced debut album ‘Embrace Wolf’, which was released today on Spartan Records.

Check out ’17:9′, as well as the album art and full track list below:

Of the song, and the album as a whole, the band spoke heavily of the psychological aspects that haunt the album, and the catharsis of it all:

We are all haunted by something, be it tangible, imaginary, wild, or within, and we are faced with only two choices — exorcism or embracement. Sometimes one is essential in enabling the other. While this process remains ultimately unique to our own ailments, both solace and commiseration can often be found simply by pressing play.

01.) (telebrothy)
02.) Always Your Own
03.) wish
04.) Nobody Loves You The Way You Are
05.) Dig
06.) Decibel Farmer
07.) 17:9
08.) Arranged Marriage
09.) Assured Retribution

‘Embrace Wolf’ is out today, December 1st and available from Spartan Records (here), and Bandcamp (here)