AUDIO: Blood Youth – Making Waves

With their debut album ‘Beyond Repair’ looking to be one of the more anticipated releases of the year, Blood Youth have just debuted a stream of new track ‘Making Waves’, the opening track and second single to be taken from record.

You can stream and listen to ‘Making Waves’ in full below:

Speaking of the song’s origin and inspiration, vocalist Kaya Tarsus explains, “‘Making Waves’ is about numbing the pain, erasing memories and the conversations I had with strangers when I was at a very low point. It’s about a time when I was living on my own, depressed with no distractions. I found myself just constantly thinking about everything I was going through. I thought that I could fix this by going out every single night, sometimes on my own, just so I could distract myself for a few hours. Ironically, I would always end up feeling so much worse in the morning. ‘Making Waves’ was actually the first track written for ‘Beyond Repair’, and inspired the entire album theme.”

The band’s debut album, ‘Beyond Repair’, is scheduled to see a release on April 7th 2017 via Rude Records.

You can pre-order the album online now (here), iTunes (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).