Proto-metal 3 piece Possessor have produced 44 minutes of horror drenched, trail bazing metal in ‘Damn The Light’; nine tales of mayhem and one vulgar ritualistic interlude that will blow your amps and wake the dead.

The London based band combine influences of NWOBHM, High on Fire and Motörhead with plenty of horror film samples to create their powerful sound of riffs and madness that will stop you sleeping.

To celebrate the release of the album, we spoke to Graham Bywater (Vocals & guitar), Nathan Perrier (Drums) and Ollie Isaac (Bass) from the band who have picked out a bunch of albums that inspired them to create their music.


Nathan: I love this album. I know Bobby Leibling is a wrong’n – definitely a lost soul, but the magic in this album is infectious. It is for me, their high point. I also know it’s not a particularly obscure or cool points choice to write about, but this album reminds me of good times. It’s a Friday night record. It’s a record that soundtracks wild nights, buzzed up and never going home, this album for me represents good times and abandonment of inhibitions and responsibilities. When ‘Sign of the Wolf’ comes on I’ve almost certainly flipped the table and lost my mind! No class!


Nathan: This album was recommended by one of my best friends and one of the biggest audiophiles I know. He sold it as a reimagined / sister album to ‘The Wickerman OST’. To me it is much more than that. Lyrically in turns both violent and optimistic it weaves tales of woe and triumph and preparation for winter. Aside from playing music my biggest pastime is camping, sometimes with my family, sometimes alone and this album is one of my go to campfire plays. It’s the perfect antithesis to the smashing and bashing of playing in a band and the Hellish rumble of city and urban life. I don’t really know any of their other albums but this one for me is certainly in my top 10 records of all time and I feel it belongs in this list as most Metal Heads would find something timeless here which they can easily connect with. Go find it!


Graham: I’ve not smoked weed since 2010 when my wife and I got hold of some crap scrub weed and witnessed Matt Pike having a meltdown around 1pm before going on stage at High Voltage Festival in Hackney. I got the fear one time too many and haven’t touched the stuff since. Needless to say High on Fire slayed.

You don’t need to do drugs to feel and embrace Bongzilla although I’m told it enhances the experience considerably. I flat out love this band. They bring something prehistoric to the surface that my brain has somehow forgotten over time, soothing me and lifting me to a different level. Sober or otherwise. So much fun can be had with this band. Mule Boy’s grotesque scream and brain smashing, ear saturating Gibson tone is like a mountain crumbling to the ground, yet absolutely heavenly, not unlike listening to Vol.4 in a swamp of tar. They don’t take life too seriously so why should we? This, their debut album floors me every time. Party on.


Graham: Lo-fi saturated my soul in the nineties and thanks to the rise of Nirvana, I was introduced to some truly mesmerising and exceptionally unique bands. Sebadoh is the brainchild of Lou Barlow, original bassist for Dinosaur Jr and guitarist for legendary hardcore brats Deep Wound. Lou, along with his co-conspirers Jason Lowenstein and Eric Gaffney made some of the most primal, beautiful, violent and spaced out indie rock my ears have ever heard. This, their third and first fully electric album is a sprawling, scrappy gem packed with sarcastic and haunting tales of incest, jealousy, god, confusion and love. All projected through a thick fog of hash, tape hiss and paranoia. This is true genius at work and is essentially the sound of three hardcore kids too high and odd to take life in their stride and bother playing fast anymore. If Lou’s voice doesn’t break your heart into a million shards whilst putting a big dumb smile on your face you aren’t listening properly.


Ollie: An important part of my teenage years. Having grown up listening to their early “black metal” endeavours this album was a breath of fresh air. It helped me expand past my young metal attitude and definitely allowed me to explore other avenues of music.

Possessor‘ new album, ‘Damn The Light’, is out now. You can stream and download the record from the band’s BandCamp here.

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook and Instagram.