Credit: Nikos Plegas

Punk/rock quintet Movin In Stereo helm from the varied locations of Sweden and New Zealand and are preparing for their eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s ‘My Dear Effigy’. Their brand new single ‘Authority Blues’ shows their sing-a-long punk style that fans of The Menzingers will want to get behind.

To celebrate the recent release of the band’s new single, we got the band to pick five albums that have inspired them in someway to find out where the sound of Movin In Stereo was moulded.


No bullshit, straight up the guts punk rock. This is our go to guitar sound for anything we are playing. Sound wise this is the perfect record for us. Laura Jane’s voice carries so much passion and aggression that it’s hypnotising. Honest and real lyrics. The energy in the drums is something else. Atom Willard has played on so many albums we love and ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’ is our favourite of them all.


At a young age being a massive Guns N Roses fan I was always blown away by the harmonica playing in ‘Bad Obsession’. As I started to get into the background and history of the band I discovered Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks. Michael played the harmonica in ‘Bad Obsession’ and also sang on ‘Ain’t It Fun’. Before Movin In Stereo started John and I were playing for another artist and we got the support shows for Michael Monroe. He actually inspired us to start Movin In Stereo, we wanted to play music with energy again. We left the artist we were playing with the day after those shows and started Movin In Stereo. Thanks, Michael! This guy should write a book on how it’s all done because I have never seen a frontman like this guy before. So much energy and life. ‘Blackout States’ is such a great record and grounded in classic punk rock roots. ‘Goin’ Down With The Ship’ could be the best anthem singalong ever.


What can we say? This album was a game changer for so many. The distinctive sound that is Mike Ness. The best harmonies known to man from Jonny Wickersham. ‘Sex, Love & Rock n Roll’ has been the soundtrack of every summer since it came out. All round good times.


The first international support my old band got as kids was for Hot Water Music. This band really are their sound. I hadn’t really heard anything like them before and was captivated by their songwriting and vocal melodies. So catchy but not in a pop catchy way. Chuck Ragan’s smoked out whiskey voice is one of my all time favourites. After they took a break I was instantly hooked on the bands other project The Draft. Both of these bands are an equal tie in my books.


I think a lot of people hold ‘The 59 Sound’ as their favourite Gaslight album. It’s an amazing album for sure, but for me personally, I think ‘Handwritten’ has the best songs. ’45’ has such a catchy riff that makes you go “I wish I wrote that”. Brian Fallon and Alex Rosamilia are such a perfect match in the way that they play guitar too.

Movin In Stereo‘s new single ‘Authority Blues’ is out now.

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