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You may have caught rock trio Charming Liars when they were touring the UK with their pals Palaye Royale recently when they were promoting their debut album ‘Thought, Flesh and Bone’. The band are back with brand new music as they start the journey on album number 2.

To celebrate the release of their new single ‘Golden State’, we caught up with the guys to find out a bit more about their musical influences by asking them to pick the albums that inspired them:


As chosen by Kiliyan Maguire (Vocals)

This record can be best described as what happens when vibrant and unique lyrics grow side by side with some of the greatest most innovative guitar work you’ve ever heard.


As chosen by Kiliyan Maguire (Vocals)

This man and this record in particular are responsible for some of the greatest stories ever sung. To this day when I listen to track two, ‘Fountain of Sorrow’, the harmonic build up in the bridge still gives me chills. If I’ve taken anything from Jackson Browne’s writing it’s that detail in lyrics makes the life living in your songs believable.


As chosen by Kiliyan Maguire (Vocals)

Anybody who knows me can tell you The Doors have always been one of my favourite bands. What can I say? This record just ticks all the boxes. The way they blended orchestral instrumentation into their already stellar sound just had me hooked immediately. When most people think of The Doors, they think of a controversial front man or an unpredictable stage show that tenders on the verge of being shut down. What they don’t think of is trumpets and strings placed alongside sombre words of darkness.


As chosen by Karnig Manoukian (Guitar)

This is my most important record. Listening to our music, I don’t think anyone would ever relate us back to anything System has done but it was key at that moment in my life. The first festival performance I ever saw was with them on stage. I listened to the album front to back so many times that even after 19 years I can listen to a song once and recite all the lyrics. The huge nature of the guitar riffs matched with the Armenian orchestral element and finally topped with those epic vocals… No one can ever replicate that record or even… that band.


As chosen by Karnig Manoukian (Guitar)

This is a bit of an interesting choice. In my opinion one of the best crafted pop albums of the last 20 years. The song choice, the endless chorus quality and the fact that every song was a hit. There were so many singles off of this one album and if you listen through it, all the ones that weren’t picked as singles could also have been singles!! I look at it as a piece of art. The title track is unmatched. Simple production, simple vocal, endless success. Any rock band or metal band or alternative band or indie band can look at this as a tutorial for simple but massive songs and if someone wants a lesson in pop writing, there’s no better place to look. As an individual writing, producing and performing in an alternative rock band, I’ve learnt so much from that album.

Charming Liars‘ new single, ‘Golden State’, is out now.

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