ALBUM: Zebrahead – Walk The Plank

Release Date: October 16th 2015
Label: Rude Records


Album number twelve? *sigh* Come on then, guys. Let’s hear it then. Reluctantly pressing play, you’ll immediately be thrown off guard by the irritating twangy tones of a sitar. Could this be the start of a revolutionary new sound for Zebrahead, a la with The Beatles in India? Nope. The sitar is just a gimmick, and this is just another run-of-the-mill, more-of-the-same, stuck-in-cruise-control Zebrahead album. To quote the album’s second song, “It just can’t get any worse than this.”

Here are 16 more typical, below average songs that will inevitably get lost in the Zebrahead back-catalogue that now currently stands at over 150 tracks. None of the songs that are showcased for us on ‘Walk The Plank’ possess a shred of originality or novelty, and sadly just blend in with all other filler shit that they have churned out over the last few albums.

With more “aaay”s and “ooh”s than an episode of The Sopranos and their stubbornness to stray anywhere out of the confines of their stock sound, everything about ‘Walk The Plank’ just screams laziness, apathy and pure disinterest, to the point where the review ends here.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)