ALBUM: Yellowcard – Southern Air

Release Date: August 14th, 2012
Label: Hopeless Records


With fans to please and critics haunting them for a second album since reuniting, ‘Southern Air’ has a more than its own reputation at stake; it’s the whole band’s. No mistakes can be made at this point, after it’s taken them so long to get to this running streak of success that they’ve mastered for themselves. But, not to worry, because it is in fact an astonishing album.

Kicking off the album is the anthemicly fun ‘Always Summer’ with rippling bass lines and sing-along choruses, this is a bouncy and enjoyable party track with an uplifting feeling. ‘Here I Am Alive’ features Taylor Jardine of We Are The In Crowd, and it was co-written by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, which suggests the unprecedented and rapturous riffs and thumping beats. The duo of Taylor and Ryan Key share a wondrous vocal harmony in the chorus which adds to that all round feel good groove.

‘Surface Of The Sun’ gives that generic American pop-punk ambiance that is infamously radiating our rock radio stations, but nonetheless has a spectacular sound with boisterous beats and intimate lyrics. ‘Telescope’ features blissful harmonies which add a more of a heart felt feeling to the powerful lyrics.

‘Southern Air’ is yet another anthemic tune that blares out deep heart felt lyrics, producing a melodic summer vibe with harmonic strings and crashing drums, infinitely creating a masterful stadium song destined to be played on the grand stages.

The collaborations and co-writing on this album mixes up a handful of emotions rather than one person’s, leaving you feeling like you really connect with the album. The use of strings and loud guitars produce a collection of energetic and electrifying anthems that truly rock. A great album that is definitely worth buying.

Written by Louisa Smith