ALBUM: Yashin – We Created A Monster

Release Date: June 25th, 2012
Label: Triple G Music
Website: None available


Glaswegian sextet Yashin burst onto the music scene and quickly made a name for themselves with raucous live performances and previous release, ‘Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them’, becoming a post-hardcore favourite. This has resulted in a lot being expected of sophomore effort, ‘We Created A Monster’, and thankfully they do not disappoint. Whilst their set up is nothing revolutionary, the dynamic between the two vocalists and the impressive instrumental skill of this band are apparent across the album.

The introductory title track creates a melodic atmosphere that steadily crescendos and leads into the incredibly catchy ‘Runaway Train’. This track not only shows of the ability of clean vocalist Harry Radford, but also how well the roars of fellow frontman Kevin Miles work together. This fusion of vocals really ups the tempo and keeps the listener involved across heavy tracks such as ‘Sound The Alarm’.

Fans of a good breakdown will be thrilled by the ferocious ‘Last One Standing’ and ‘Angels Son’, which sees the rough vocals taking the lead. These tracks will no doubt whip the crowd into the trademark whirlwind of flailing limbs at live shows. Whilst the alternating singing/screaming tends to steal focus in post-hardcore bands, instrumentally Yashin put on a remarkable performance across the album, with the guitar solo featured on ‘This Is The Sound Of Our Time’ standing out from the crowd.

With such a chaotic sound, calmer tracks such as ‘Pushing Up Daisies’ feature an solid vocal performance by Radford, but lack the bite that Miles‘ vocals provide and so fall flat in comparison to other tracks where they work together. Final track ‘Parallels’ overviews the album very well, beginning with hectic screaming and instrumental work before the infectious sing-a-long chorus steals focus. All this goes to show that when Yashin come together as a group, they could write a song so catchy pop-punk bands will be furious, then a few seconds later be blowing the roof off with their hardcore tendencies.

Yashin had a lot of hype to live up to and it’s this pressure that can see a band fall from the spotlight just as quickly as they entered it. Thankfully, they seem to have thrived under the weight of this expectation and produced an album that will excite existing fans and win over many more. The genre they find themselves in has many up-and-coming bands trying to steal focus, but this release will no doubt keep Yashin ahead of the pack.

Written by Jonathon Barlow