ALBUM: Within The Ruins – Phenomena

Release Date: July 21st, 2014
Label: eOne Music/Good Fight Music


Have you ever wondered what it was really like for Mr. Hands? This guy put larger than baseball bats entirely up his anus so you could see ripples in his back. He eventually died because a horse fucked him to death. That feeling doesn’t even come close to how hard ‘Phenomena’ fucks you.

Within The Ruins pride themselves on playing technical metalcore with gimmicky elements. It’s hard to believe at times that the sounds coming out of Joe Cocchi‘s guitar are real. They also tune their guitars lower than a Jamaican limbo contest. ‘Invade’ and ‘Elite’ were exactly the right type of tone – crisp and clear on the melodic parts and devastatingly heavy on the breakdowns. ‘Phenomena’, however, is a step too far. Cocchi‘s guitar is tuned so low that it sounds like he’s playing breakdowns on a cello or a double bass. It puts the album in a precarious position in places because without these dulcet tones Within The Ruins are in real danger of being ousted as just another bunch of berks smacking their instruments.

Take ‘Eternal Shore’, for example. It’s only here that you realise that the bass of Andrew Tate is being drowned out by the guitar work. What you can hear sounds like hitting a railing with another railing, such is its metallic nature.

The gimmicks are here though. Oh, yes they are. ‘Enigma’ is already a fan favourite due to its samples. The theme tune from Inspector Gadget makes its way in, and so does Super Mario Brothers. In fact, every song is about a comic book character: ‘Calling Card’ is about The Joker, ‘Hegira’ is about Spiderman, and ‘Ronin’ is about Wolverine. Every song has been thought out meticulously. Within The Ruins clearly aren’t content on being shuffled to the bottom of the deck of tech-death bands.

WTR aren’t looking to run off on a completely different path, however, as there are plenty of nods to earlier work included. Of course, there’s another ‘Ataxia’ recording. We’re up to number three now, and this installment ranks in the middle. It’s so technical that it sounds in places like something composed on Cubase.

‘Gods Amongst Men’ is perhaps the stand out track, having been pre-released as a single. It features drums by Kevin “Drummer” McGuill that somehow manage to be even heavier than every other element put together. The final member of the band is vocalist Tim Goergen, who provides his lion-being-castrated roars throughout. Within The Ruins actually function just as well as a purely instrumental band anyway, as evidenced on ‘Ataxia III’ and ‘Enigma’.

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)