ALBUM: Wildways – Into The Wild

Release Date: March 25th 2016
Label: Artery Recordings


Ticking off metalcore cliches and ludicrous, scene pandering gimmicks in spades, there is something so trite and tiresome about what this Russian five piece do that ‘Into The Wild’ (the band’s first release under Artery Recordings) plays out like a cut and paste monstrosity of every sub-par support band grappling for the limelight.

From the horrific Attila aping antics of ‘Faka Faka Yeah’ (urgh) to the piano led Disney-esque sap of ‘Wings’, Wildways seem content with wheeling out all the de rigueur electronic bells and whistles, cloying pop choruses and neutered ‘metallic’ aggression which, according to current trends, seems tailor made for success.

Below the glossy bubblegum surface however, this is a record devoid of any honesty or passion, with the band hammering home all the fashion conscious tropes of ultra-frothy clean hooks, mosh-call beatdowns and even a healthy dose of cringe-worthy rap nonsense for good measure. Every rare glimpse of sentiment appears as totally artificial and just as importantly, Wildways stitch together their trendy bag of tricks with all the cohesion of Sleeping With Sirens and Hatebreed playing simultaneously in the same room. As transparently cynical as the record is, ‘Into The Wild’, depressingly, will more than likely garner a huge following for Wildways.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)