ALBUM: Weezer – Weezer (White Album)

Release Date: April 1st 2016
Label: Atlantic Records


The anticipation of an album will vary from band to band, but you’d struggle to find musicians on their tenth record that generate the interest and excitement that Weezer have on their latest self-titled release. An undisputed slump in quality has surrounded the Los Angeles legends in recent times, but the redeeming ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ put an end to their more electronic sound that fans disliked, and returned to their traditional alternative rock sound. Now, ‘Weezer’ has continued their refound form with just over half an hour of laid back, light-hearted newborn classics.

The cover of ‘Weezer’, or, as it will be referred to, ‘The White Album’, suitably depicts the band in front of a beach lifeguard tower as the album is the quintessential summer listen and begs for the sun and a colourful drink with a parasol in it. ‘California Kids’ slowly meets us with a steady guitar pick before Rivers Cuomo formally re-introduces himself as the uniquely uncool, yet so cool vocalist that threw the alternative rock scene on its head in the 90s.

Weezer have always had the knack of delivering the weather along with their music, like a modern day Beach Boys, with the album opener fitting the bill perfectly. ‘(Girl We Got A) Good Thing’ may as well be wearing a flowery Hawaiian shirt it’s so sun-kissed and, even though the concept and lyrics behind the band are unusually generic for the band, their originality over the years prevails with this no frills, poppy goodness.

The chiming keys on the excellent ‘Thank God For Girls’ form a beat for Cuomo to rap along to, and prove once more that the band have an effortless talent of creating innovative and mass-appealing tracks, even after two decades of being on top. ‘Jacked Up’ lays such a hook that it could be a soul/R&B pop hit for the mainstream, but a crescendo guitar bridge contains the legendary Weezer sound and ticks yet another impressive box off the accomplished list.

The balance between classic song structures and clever experiments with the unexplored has been mastered on ‘The White Album’, but only thanks to the gateway record ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’. It took less than two years to put out this album, which highlights how the band are approaching the roll they’re on, as well as how beneficial the four years it took to recuperate and record ‘EWBAITE’ after the stale stint before that. ‘Weezer’ is certainly the success that the world hoped it would be, and it’s reassuring to see such a great band still able to generate such defining music so far into their established career.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)