ALBUM: Wednesday 13 – The Dixie Dead

Release Date: February 19th, 2013
Label: Roadrunner Records


To write-off Wednesday 13 as “just another stupid goth band” would be understandable. From his deep black eyeliner to his involvement in projects like Murderdolls, it’s obvious what you’re going to get with his fifth solo album, ‘The Dixie Dead’. What isn’t so obvious though is that the output is actually quite good.

‘The Dixie Dead’ is another heavy metal/horror punk album inspired by imagery like Dracula and the Munsters. From start to finish, it tries to break no trends or smash through any musical barriers, but it’s an enjoyable ride. There are plenty of songs that will appeal to long-time fans, like and ‘Curse The Living’, but there are also tunes that are accessible to the casual listener, like ‘Too Fast For Blood’.

Wednesday 13 isn’t a chap who’s looking to become the next big thing though, he has plenty of fans already who stick through him through thick and thin and who will continue to do so, even if he cuts his hair and gets a desk job. He’s a fellow who enjoys singing good old fashioned songs about blood and death.

My personal first taste of Wednesday 13 was indeed ‘The Dixie Dead’, and for a first-time listener I’ve gone from critic to applauder. Old-time horror movies are awesome, so why not base a career in music around it? Just because I don’t slit my wrists and complain about everything being ‘so mainstream’ shouldn’t mean that I’m not allowed to listen to music like this. The die-hard fans may not like it, but ‘The Dixie Dead’ is an album that may gain Wednesday 13 a whole new legion of fans.

For a taster of what to expect from Wednesday 13, listen to ‘Blood Sucker’. It’s an easy going, simple to understand hard rock song about sucking blood. You’re not gonna grow any brain cells because of it, but you may well find yourself reaching for the repeat button.

Written by MG Savage