ALBUM: Wednesday 13 – Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague

Release Date: January 12th 2015
Label: Cargo Records


Lock up your drummers, Wednesday 13 is back! It’s often wondered what Wednesday 13 is up to when he’s not indulging Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot member) in his silly guitar fantasies, and his new record, ‘Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague’, suggests it’s writing concepts about monsters, which isn’t surprising. Apparently, Wednesday 13 wasn’t satisfied enough being a watered down Marilyn Manson, so now he’s wettening Rob Zombie‘s sound… which is like homeopathy when you consider that Rob Zombie is just watered down White Zombie.

Those uninitiated to Mr. 13‘s work will be pleased to know that this is as a good starting point as any, in that it isn’t really a good thing to start. It’s like heroin, except no-one thinks you’re cool for listening to Wednesday 13. That may seem harsh, but in an age where not even Manson can pull off his scary gimmick anymore, imagine how stale and cringe worthy a Wednesday 13 album is. His shock-rock rip-off style now feels more dated; from the 90s metal riffs, lyrics, and even to the concepts he rips off and horror movies he adores.

‘Monsters Of The Universe’ doesn’t fall short in that it does what can be expected of a Wednesday 13 concept album. There are ‘spooky’ lyrics and bog standard guitars combined to make painfully average and dull rock that a teenager who has never heard of Alice Cooper may find exciting.

The concept album isn’t the worst thing he’s put his name to with some acknowledgeable guitar work and accessible choruses, but with the lame lyrics and a lack of punch, it’s still far from the shock-rock odyssey he clearly envisioned.

Written by Jack King (@Jackingy)