ALBUM: We Came As Romans – We Came As Romans

Release Date: July 24th 2015
Label: Spinefarm Records


Although 2013’s ‘Tracing Back Roots’ embraced a sizable upsurge in pop sensibilities, We Came As Romans managed to veer just shy of frothy bubblegum nonsense with plenty of upbeat stomp balancing out those europhic hooks. It’s a shame therefore, yet not unenvitable, that the Michagan sextet temper much of their more aggressive aspects on this, their self titled full-length, in favour of a more obviously diluted grab at commercial success.

Aside from the likes of anthemic single ‘The World I Used To Know’ and the instantly likeable sing along charm of ‘Blur’, ‘We Came As Romans’ is a record which suffers from an over-abundance of clunky, nu-metal inspired humdrum (‘Tear It Down’) and radio-friendly ultra-polish (‘Savior Of The Weak’).

Indeed, it’s all the more frustrating when shades of the band’s capability shine through, such as the sleek bombast of closing track ’12:30′, and the fact remains that beyond the aforementioned high-points, there is little here that can muster the kind of infectious enthusiasm needed to crack the mainstream. Wholly unoffensive and largely unspectacular, We Came As Romans may have jumped ship with many of their peers in pursuit of wider appeal, yet on this evidence, lack the tools and the character to convincingly pull off a worthwhile pop-rock approach.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)