ALBUM: We Butter The Bread With Butter – Goldkinder

Release Date: August 9th, 2013
Label: Unsigned


The outrageously named We Butter The Bread With Butter were once just a joke band, with just 2 members writing songs such as ‘Superföhn Bananendate’ (meaning “Super Hairdryer Banana Dating”) and ‘Breekachu’, a play on their “bree” sound with alpha pokémon, Pikachu. The departure of Tobias Schultka triggered Marcel Neumann to recruit a full band and take WBTBWB slightly more seriously, touring alongside the likes of Trivium and Crossfaith. ‘Goldkinder’ stands as the third full release from the electronic deathcore group, who now have a somewhat more structured and matured sound.

The best track and deserved single, ‘Alles Was Ich Will’, opens the record with a remarkably Rammstein similar tune that has repetitive heavy riffs and echoing drums. Paul Bartzsch stretches his vocal range with different levels of harsh screaming that results in a huge headbanging monster of a hit. Unfortunately, the heaviness peters out as ‘Goldkinder’ continues which is sure to dishearten older fans, but there’s essentially a new band behind these songs.

WBTBWB have always pushed their electronics as much as possible, but some on the album sound forced to be trendy and relatively radio friendly. ‘Krieg Aus Gold’ is an extension of the album title with them possibly attempting crowd chants or a tagline, but a mile away from the heavy metal we were expecting, and ‘Das Uhrwerk’ is a perfectly fine deathcore track which they’ve thrown keyboards at unnecessarily. ‘Meine Brille’ is a large scale down in terms of how heavy it is, but works out as a decent rock track with robotic feel and more ideal for the mainstream.

Although its experimental qualities sometimes fail on it, each song on ‘Goldkinder’ is unpredictable, exciting and totally random. They may not be as random as they once were, but We Butter The Bread With Butter have had a stab at transforming into a real deathcore band instead of goofing around. This new album has enough legs to push them onto the circuit to gain enough fans to cover the ones that they’ve lost.

Written by Michael Heath