ALBUM: We Are Fiction – One For Sorrow

Release Date: November 18th, 2013
Label: Destroy Everything
Website: None available


We Are Fiction will seriously remind you of early We Are The Ocean, and this isn’t a bad thing. Infact, this is a very good thing. Ever since the aforementioned band lost their lead singer Dan Brown, some say that they lost their edge and their bite. This band may be the one to fill that particular void, as they’ve got a hell of a lot going for them and may just be one of hottest UK bands out there right now.

This band don’t hold back, ‘Bright Lights’ comes at us with a real heavy punch, but then effortlessly flows into a melodic trifle of a track, at one point you think your speakers may combust with excitement. The heavy vocals on ‘My Dreams Are Haunted’ are reminiscent of Being As An Ocean, which is always a good thing. There’s something impure yet completely soulful and beautiful about them, instead of them just being a by-product of this genre of music.

We Are Fiction are obviously not afraid to experiment either. ‘Sail On’, a 6 minute goliath of a track, demonstrates every inch of this band’s talent; their softer side in terms of vocals shines through though, and it feels as though this band will only grow to be even better as they mature. Although there are a few hiccups, ‘The Worst Of It’ isn’t a song that you’ll particularly warm to, it feels forced for some reason, unlike the rest of the material which is totally natural. That track sticks out like a sore thumb in terms of the naturalistic quality that features for the most part on ‘One For Sorrow’.

This album is a cracker, seriously. Sift through a ton of shit when listening to UK rock music then hear this and you realise just how great We Are Fiction are. For a début album, ‘One For Sorrow’ has everything in terms of excitement, attention to detail, it perfects the slower and usually more mundane moments, and they’ve set themselves apart from all those other bands out there doing this sort of thing.

Written by Greg Spencer