ALBUM: Vukovi – Vukovi

Release Date: March 10th 2017
Label: LAB Records


Scottish four-piece Vukovi are steadily making a name for themselves on the music scene, recently signing to LAB Records and making several festival appearances. This has culminated in the release of their debut self-titled album, aiming to create some momentum and lay a solid foundation for the band to branch out from with future releases, which with their quirky, exciting trademark sound shouldn’t be too difficult.

Opening the record with a wall of noise is ‘La Di Da’, introducing the racket perfectly with a feel of instrumental chaos, whilst frontwoman Janine Shilstone‘s vocals soar above throughout. At their lightest, the band are quite pop-influenced as demonstrated by third single ‘Weirdo’ and later number ‘He Wants Me Not’. Both tracks are radio-friendly, but have huge singalong moments to keep the listener hooked.

Vukovi are clearly at their best on darker numbers, as shown on tracks like ‘Target Practice’, where the band create an infectious number which oozes angst and attitude. Introducing an electro vibe makes ‘I’m Wired’ into a top stand out track leading into the fast-paced ‘Animal’, which feel like a race through the verses before the heavier chorus storms into focus.

As debut releases go, Vukovi have done very well with their self-titled effort, landing on the musical spectrum somewhere between the solid rock sound of Evarose and the calamity of Marmozets. More records of this calibre will soon see Vukovi climbing the music ranks to success.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)