ALBUM: Volumes – No Sleep

Release Date: July 15th, 2014
Label: Mediaskare Records


Los Angeles quintet Volumes have been around the American hardcore/metalcore scene for a few years now, having recorded and released a full-length LP and a couple of EPs. Volume‘s latest studio offering, titled ‘No Sleep’, is 10 tracks of face-melting, groove-orientated, technical songs that explode from the first note onwards.

As the record kicks off with the head bursting riffage of ‘The Mixture’, it’s clear that these guys are straight to the point with their songs and how they’re constructed musically. The technical chops on the record are second to none; they’re tightly strung together with the bass, drums and vocals, so much so that it would be impossible to fit a hair between it. Tracks like ‘Erased’ and ‘Pistol Play’ both offer this extraordinary musicianship with their raw sound that occasionally finds itself in a slick groove that would send any crowd into a mass of moshing.

While ‘No Sleep’ is balls to the walls metalcore, there’s no denying that there are moments of clarity in some areas of the record. Albeit, they’re brief moments, but it does allow the dust to settle and the ears to be given a break after the vicious licks are done pummelling them. ‘Vahle’ has some of these brief moments, but it’s in the interludes of ‘Better Half’ and ‘Peace Of Mind’ that the calm is largely featured in.

The dual vocals between Michael Barr and Gus Farias give the songs a different edge. They offer a clean/dirty effect which injects melodies with the cleaner side, while the dirty vocals keep that urgency and the solid heaviness. Album closer ‘Up All Night’ is a superb example of how the pair can deliver a fantastic performance and ties up ‘No Sleep’ perfectly.

Overall, this record is a slice of prime cut American hardcore/metalcore that’s bursting with ear-melting licks and riffs that will easily please hardcore fans from both sides of the Atlantic.

Written by Ewan Macdonald