ALBUM: Veil Of Maya – Eclipse

Release Date: February 28th, 2012
Label: Sumerian Records
Website: None available


With Sumerian Records being one the forefront purveyors of modern, heavy music, working most noteably with such recent heavy hitters as Asking Alexandria and Periphery, we go into listening to Veil Of Maya‘s latest offering with a certain benchmark of quality already in place. Fortunately, it becomes quickly apparent for those new to the band that their juddering, technical deathcore marks another impressive outifit to the Sumerian arsenal.

Although not drastically disimilar from 2010’s ‘Id’, ‘Ecilipse’ is able to improve on past releases by simply refining the songcraft. The riff work, whilst retaining the band’s signature polyrhythmic grooves (such as in the monstrous ‘Punisher’) and dexterious melodicisms, flows with a pleasing cohesion which keeps the tracks from coming across as merely cut and paste affairs. ‘The Glass Slide’, for example, is able to switch between soaring soundscapes and some chugging guitar violence with convincing vitality, whilst the blast beat fuelled ‘Winter Is Coming’ combines some intense speed with a series of sugary lead lines and majestic chord patterns.

Indeed, the musicianship throughout the album is consistently stellar. With label mates such as Born Of Osiris and The Faceless raising the bar in terms of tasteful technicality, Veil Of Maya provide stiff competition here. Opener proper ‘Divide Paths’ rattles along at a furious pace, the agile riffing and mammoth breakdowns complex yet refreshingly memorable, retaining the all important hook amongst the sonic barrage.

Clocking in at a surprisingly brief 28 minutes, ‘Eclipse’ manages to do much in a short space of time. Intense, melodic, proficient and most importaintly wholly entertaining, the release sees the band on top form with a set of their most concise and impressive songs to date.

Written by Tony Bliss