Release Date: June 17th, 2014
Label: Pure Noise Records


Ten years on, Vanna have left behind a big chunk of post-hardcore and melodic hardcore in their wake. Going from catchy riffs from early albums like ‘Curses’ and moving forward with the more thrashy sounds of ‘The Few And The Far Between’ gave this band a lot of time for maturing their sound and finding out what’s right for them. Now, the band are on their fifth album, titled ‘VOID’, they still have a way of being the underdog in a crowd full of newer artists.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the quintet have made this album a lot more anger fuelled with its small doses that follow the central themes of depression and feeling alone. The main difference between Vanna and many other hardcore bands that generally write about the same things is that they take it to a more descriptive and somewhat cryptic level, which makes you think a lot more about each individual track.

Opening with its title track, the record completely immerses you into what Vanna have used as their staple for the past couple of years, which is rage laced with apathy. The instrumentation throughout the album sounds a lot more refined that previous releases, especially in the melodic sections and choruses. The clean vocals also take a front seat as well, with a strong and powerful tone and enunciation. Tracks like ‘Toxic Pretender’ take no prisoners with its gritty guitar tones and drum patterns, whereas on the other end of the spectrum, songs like ‘Digging’ take the album to its more gentler side with a lot more of a structured sense towards it.

Davey Muise takes the vocals to a whole new level. The production quality of his screams on ‘And They Came Bearing Bones’ was a lot more dampened and focused more on the singing, but with ‘VOID’, his pissed off nature comes through a lot more with the way the mixing and production has been done on the record. The downside of this is that some parts sound very distorted and inaudible, sometimes to a point where you can’t seem to grasp exactly what he’s saying.

It can be said that a lot of hardcore bands sound the same. You get the same chord pattern, maybe a few changes for each band, slow a part down so kids can flail about and then you’ve hit the jackpot. Vanna manage to keep themselves unique, but they tend to fall under the same pattern by their own accord.

Written by Josh Palmer

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