ALBUM: Vanna – And They Came Baring Bones

Release Date: June 21st, 2011
Label: Artery Recordings


It’s that time of year again when Vanna bring out a new release, and it’s their first full-length on their new label, Artery Recordings. You may be excused for not knowing who the band are, because despite being one of the most hard working bands in the world, their efforts have seldom brought them across the pond to the UK, but next time they may come baring bones.

The band’s third full-length album continues to combine the bands love of hardcore punk with some more than subtle post-hardcore influences, and the end result of this: a sound that is very loud and very fast. They waste no time in rattling straight into ‘Black Bones’, and the first thing that becomes apparent is the raspy vocals of new vocalist Davey Muise. He brings to the table something new and fresh for Vanna, which allows the band to play more on their hardcore punk influences, and when this is combined with clean singing like on ‘Eyes Like The Tides’, it is certainly impressive.

Improvement in the band’s musicianship and general song writing has also aided them in pushing their sound to further reaches, especially on songs like the crushing ‘I, The Collector’. The storming ‘Careless Men Lead Careless Lives’ is possibly the best example of the band’s hardcore roots, which in turn adds a new dimension to the record.

Their in-your-face approach to post-hardcore is refreshing at times, as Muise threatens to blow the speakers on a vicious ‘Breathing At The Bottom’, but at times it can sound a little muddled. The improved production on ‘And They Came Bearing Bones’ is as much a blessing as it a curse. Whilst the new and improved production adds an interesting tone to the thrashing guitars, at times it is almost too clear and makes it sound as though the band are trying to do too much. It clarifies just how much of a racket the band is making, whereas previously the muddy production had suited the band better due to the type of music they are playing.

Whilst Vanna‘s style of breakdowns and melodic choruses is not original in itself, they do come as a breath of fresh air to a crowded scene, however, it’s just a shame that they cannot seem to make up their mind as to what sort of band they want to be. Nonetheless this is a decent album, and is definitely worthy of at least a listen.

Written by Oliver Thompson

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