ALBUM: Title Fight – Floral Green

Release Date: September 18th, 2012
Label: SideOneDummy Records


It seems at the moment that going from a bouncy, yelpy punk band to a more considered, 90s influenced punk band is the trend with some bands. Title Fight have decided to take this route with their most recent release, ‘Floral Green’. Whereas previous release ‘Shed’ sounded like it was the anthem to thousands of teenage bedroom angst sessions, ‘Floral Green’ feels like it has made the move to the basement, doubled the angst, but taken a more mature reflective look at the music Title Fight make.

The sound is still refreshingly Title Fight though, so massive fans of the band need not worry, not too much has changed. The sound has gained some depth, more drive in guitars, more rattle on the bass, more thump in the drums. It’s naturally progressed and it suits the band well. Just take the awesome ‘Secret Society’; the bass rattle at the beginning follows by beautifully overdriven guitars with the picture being completed by a throaty howl by vocalist Jamie Rhoden.

The best moment of the album has to be ‘Head In The Ceiling Fan’, where Title Fight slow the tempo down and explore a wonderful strung out take on their own music. The elongated vocal lines weave themselves around the punchy guitars with real character. As well as being the best song on this album, it has to be argued it is one of the best songs that Title Fight have written to date.

People may argue that this new mature sound doesn’t suit the band, but when you listen to this record straight off the back of debut ‘Shed’, the linear musical progression is clear to see. A great record and a positive move into a new sound for Title Fight.

Written by Josh Peett