ALBUM: Tides Of Man – Young And Courageous

Release Date: February 4th, 2014
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


Allegedly suffering from an identity crisis and subsequently leaving Rise Records, Tides Of Man have hardly had the best of times musically and otherwise. However, ‘Young And Courageous’ sees the band in a whole different light. Powerful, engaging and touching, Tides Of Man‘s third full-length LP allows them to channel creativity like never before.

‘Young And Courageous’ allows itself to be the album that it aspires to be, channelling the effects of the situation the band is in but doing so in a courageous manner. Ultimately, this allows Tides Of Man to resonate through a post-rock sound that is daring, powerful and ambient. Straight from the off, ‘Desolate, Magnificent’ draws the listener in with intoxicating guitar melodies and an atmosphere that you can get lost in.

Though Tides Of Man may pour on the depressive and sometimes drawn out tracks, it doesn’t phase the band. Bouncing and dazzling tracks such as ‘Hold Still’ could go on five minutes longer and still have the same effect that the band manage to cram into a five-minute song.

Though the band expresses their beautiful side to their post-rock sound, it’s refreshing to hear in such tracks as ‘Keep Me Safe’ the sheer anguish that can also be channelled through post-rock. The latter half of the track sees the band drop their sound into a damning, hard-hitting and abrasive chord progression which changes the whole perspective of the track. This raw emotion is replicated in the title track, which is by far the most hard-hitting offering on the record.

Variety is a big factor for ‘Young And Courageous’. Whether the record emphasises abrasive and soaring leads or beautiful and ambient sequences, Tides Of Man attempt to vary the tracks based on what environment they build. However, a problem with this is the flow of the LP. Granted, the band clinically creates and channels a musically capable record. However, some tracks tend to feel as though they could merge, flow and connect into the next track to emphasise the mood change even further.

Tides Of Man have created an LP in ‘Young And Courageous’ which emphatically reflects upon the young potential and young angst in our lives. Not only have they managed to reflect upon their own issues via creativity, but they’ve implemented much needed resonance in their music. Though there may be areas of improvement, such as the overall flow of the record and tracks which draw out, musical expression has prevailed this time around.

Written by Calv Robinson