ALBUM: This Year’s Winner Is… – Audiobiography

Release Date: October 22nd, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available


I always have mixed feelings when an up-and-coming band releases a great record. I’m always excited to have new music in my life and a band to keep my eye on as this album gains them the acknowledgement they deserve. On the other hand, I’m always aware that their sound won’t get out to as many people as it should, no matter how good it is. Let’s focus on the positives though; ‘Audiobiography’ is the debut full-length release from Isle Of Man quintet, This Year’s Winner Is…, and, as a huge fan of pop-punk, let me assure you this is a record that you’ll want in your life.

Opening track, ‘On With The Show’, introduces the listener to the sugary sweet vocals of frontman Elliot Kinrade soaring over an infectiously catchy background. Not to be boxed into the softer end of the pop-punk spectrum, the vocals are pushed further on tracks ‘Let’s Not Do That Again’ and ‘Routes’. Mixing up the instrumental work sees drummer Darren Shields take focus throughout memorable track, ‘Always Leaving’, that also sees Yashin frontman Harry Radford make an appearance.

Whilst the guitar work can be everything that is expected of the pop-punk genre, TYWI aren’t afraid to add some heavier elements on ‘The End Of The Beginning’ and go further to some Four Year Strong-esque breakdowns on rougher number, ‘05.11.09’. This record also sees some variety at the other end of the spectrum with keyboard lead ballad, ‘I’ve Got A Feeling We’re Not In Kansas Anymore’, which works very well and will no doubt be a fan favourite at live shows with lighters and phone lights in the air.

As debut albums go, ‘Audiobiography’ is a top release. It demonstrates all that This Year’s Winner Is… have to offer, from ballads to fast-paced infectious numbers. Throughout all this, it also manages to show off the talent of each band member and the great sound that is the result of them coming together. Pop-punk is a genre close to saturation point, but this band has talent. Maybe this record won’t reach everyone it should, but it’s an important stepping stone for TYWI‘s future. Go out and get this record, you won’t regret it.

Written by Jonathon Barlow