ALBUM: This Wild Life – Low Tides

Release Date: September 9th 2016
Label: Epitaph Records


California’s This Wild Life caused quite a stir when they returned to the music scene in 2014, completely changing the band’s signature pop-punk sound, and instead opting for a much more low-key affair with acoustic-led full-length record, ‘Clouded’. It was a well received change of pace that earned the band a lot of credit, and led to the creation of their new album, ‘Low Tides’. This record develops their softer, subdued sound further, and gives a clearer view of the band’s direction form here on out.

‘Hit The Reset’ serves an atmospheric introduction to the album, laying out this band’s even mellower approach to this record than on their previous effort. The impressive harmonies provided by Anthony Del Grosso in a higher octave than the previous track suit this new environment nicely as shown on emotional number ‘Breakdown’ and later track ‘Just Yesterday’.

The poignant, emotional, and painfully relatable lyrics that This Wild Life became known for from ‘Clouded’ are still present and as heart-breaking as ever, perhaps more so in this more subdued instrumental atmosphere as tracks such as ‘Let Go’, ‘Pull Me Out’, and ‘Red Room’ demonstrate perfectly. Injecting the slightest bit of pace is lead single ‘Falling Down’, being one of the few tracks featuring Del Grosso on drums, along with ‘Fade’, where Kevin Jordan‘s vocals leading up to the chorus keep up the slightest hint of pace to ensure that the record doesn’t risk falling too flat at any point.

This Wild Life are pretty masterful at what they do. Any fan of acoustic music with powerful lyrics and impressively controlled harmonies will not be able to help but love this record. Each of those features aren’t easy to pull off, so the fact that Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso have managed to pull it off across a second full-length record shows the sheer amount of talent packed into this duo. ‘Low Tides’ is another spectacular release from This Wild Life.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)