ALBUM: This Wild Life – Clouded

Release Date: May 26th, 2014
Label: Epitaph Records


This Wild Life are a band who really show how you have to be able to adapt to survive in today’s music scene. Originally starting off as a pop-punk group, they realised they weren’t hitting the heights they were aiming for, and so made a bold decision and opted to become a folk/acoustic band. It was a brave move, but was definitely the right one, as their debut full-length record ‘Clouded’ shows. The acoustic setting allows their poignant lyrics, focusing primarily on love and loss, to shine through and become firmly nestled in the listener’s head.

Opening number, ‘Clouded’, introduces the gentle vocal style of frontman Kevin Jordan, floating over the reserved melody provided by Anthony Del Grosso completing the line up. It immediately becomes apparent that this record will be perfect for fans of the early work of City & Colour or Joshua Radin, which gives a good idea of the new direction this band has taken.

Across the album, This Wild Life tackle a number of different topics to provide some variety to the record. ‘Bound To Break’ sees Jordan criticising some personal traits, and ‘Better With You’ sees some guest vocals from Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive, who harmonises with Jordan brilliantly, and really suits this stripped down musical setting.

‘No More Bad Days’ takes a more hopeful approach in terms of recovery from a crisis, but also demonstrates how much control Jordan has over his voice, reaching some impressively high notes as Del Grosso provides the harmonies.

The variety across this record is provided by small, intricate details. So, if you like the first song you hear, you’ll like the whole release and you really should. The stunning vocals over the delicate background make for a relaxing listen. What’s very clear is that whilst they may not have achieved great success in the pop-punk scene, This Wild Life have created something brilliant with the new direction they’ve taken with ‘Clouded’.

Written by Jonathon Barlow (@Narlow1)