ALBUM: This Is Turin – Cercis

Release Date: TBA
Label: Equivalence Music


Spanning the gamut of modern extremity, Cheshire quintet This Is Turin are a state of the art whirlwind of spine snapping intensity. Turning in a debut effort obviously honed and refined for flesh flaying impact, ‘Cercis’ is a dynamically rich lesson in metallic multiform, encapsulating all of the muscular progressivisms and deathly bloodthirst of seasoned veterans.

Indeed, we need look no further than album highlight ‘Revelation 23:1’, all At The Gate‘s riff worship and Emperor-esque majesty, for proof of the flash fire instrumental savagery served up here. ‘Consume/Repeat’ impresses with a rhythmic clout and dizzying dexterity worthy of the scenes many tech-obsessed peerage, whereas elsewhere some skull caving breakdown weightiness (‘The Flood’) and towering six-string histrionics (‘Lily’) are as abounding in melodic flair and a blackened, icy foreboding as they are in symphonic thrills and bug-eyed dramatics.

It’s murderous stuff and, as an debut salvo, ‘Cercis’ proves all the more remarkable with its scorched soundscapes of grinding urgency and cavernous melodic command. This Is Turin represent a strain of contemporary death metal which is hurling fresh lightning bolts through the genres invigorated corpse and, on this evidence, have a career chock full of ideas yet to treat us with.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)