ALBUM: This Century – Biography Of Heartbreak

Release Date: May 14th, 2013
Label: Rude Records


Arizona is finally pulling something out of the bag with This Century. The quartet might be on The Maine‘s record label, but there’s definitely something about them, and if bubblegum pop is a new genre then they’re hitting that with full points. ‘Biography Of Heartbreak’ is perhaps one of the better pop albums that will be out this year and there’s no denying that this band is just at the beginning of their journey. It’s a summer album and just in perfect time too.

The entire album is diluted into summer songs and the band manages to highlight the ideologies of summer throughout each track. Kicking off with ‘Slow Dance Night’, it contradicts the title and explodes as energetic and upbeat, scarcely resembling a slow dance. Single ‘Beach Blonde’ provides the pop feel to the album, clearly influenced by R&B and reggae it adds a different tone and an ideal track for a lead single. ‘Run & Hide’ incorporates ukuleles and bongos throughout and it provides that summer jive with a bob of the head and a swing of the hips; the ideal accompaniment in mist of the summer heat.

As a whole, this album blends together perfectly, with one or two handpicked tracks that ultimately make this album into what it is. The band have steered away from what the title suggests and pushed itself into the pop category. This isn’t a rock album but bubblegum pop, and it’s perhaps not the bravest move but it seems to work for This Century.

This is possibly one of the more comfortable albums to come out of 2013 so far. It fits alongside the summer season perfectly, but there’s nothing that really makes them outshine the other millions of bands attempting the same thing. ‘Biography Of Heartbreak’ sets the tone to the summer season, but as soon as the next pop summer release it out, these Arizonan boys will be put back in their cases.

Written by Yasmin La Ronde