ALBUM: Therapy? – Disquiet

Release Date: March 23rd 2015
Label: Amazing Record Co.


Hailing from Northern Ireland, Therapy? have seemingly been chortling away since the dawn of time. Now in their 25th year as a band, it seems as if Mother Time has decided to give up on playing its game of wearing down enthusiasm and let the three piece just be.

‘Disquiet’ is album number fourteen in a steady stream of output that cares not for awards and applause, but fly more towards fan favourites and cult classics. Ever since Therapy?‘s brief flirtation with slight-stardom in the 90s amongst ‘Troublegum’ and ‘Infernal Love’, the band have seemingly peaked and stayed at a moderately successful plateau. It seems unlikely that they’ll be able to rekindle their former successes at this stage in their career, so the answer now is to continue on putting out well-polished rock tracks that the fans can enjoy.

There are certainly throwback moments during ‘Disquiet’. Opener ‘Still Hurts’ could definitely be a bonus track from ‘Troublegum’ with its sultry atmosphere, and ‘Idiot Cousin’ has all of the charm that makes Therapy? such a great band to just sit down and listen to.

All of the songs on ‘Disquiet’ also have really great replay value; this is not an album that you can just listen to once, but more one that will make its way into your car’s CD player and not leave until the latest Metallica album comes out. There are moments on ‘Disquiet’ that are not atypical of Therapy? as well. Take the off-kilter rhythm section in ‘Tides’ for something not usually found in a hard rock song.

Therapy? always managed to somehow not get lumped in with the same crowd as Oasis in the 90s, but there are parts on ‘Good News Is No News’ and ‘Fall Behind’ that seemingly take influence from the famous Mancunians. It’s fairly safe to say though that these particular lads aren’t about to start proclaiming God status any time soon, more the opposite: Therapy? are a really great band that sit nicely in your record collection as a staple example of how to write British music properly.

Let’s just ignore the absolutely God awful album cover then, shall we?

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)