ALBUM: The Summer Set – Legendary

Release Date: April 15th, 2013
Label: Fearless Records


‘Legendary’, that’s the title that Arizona’s The Summer Set have decided to go with for their latest full-length album. A bold claim, no doubt, but can they back it up? SPOILER ALERT: No. No, they can’t.

The vacuous predictability of the whole thing sounds like something from a Kidz Bop album (minus the catchiness anyway, have you actually heard the Kidz Bop version of ‘Call Me Maybe’?!) and with some of the cheesiest lyricism this side of the Disney Channel, “It’s almost midnight / Feeling alright” or “Life goes on, we got all night / If you’ve got rock and roll, you’ll be alright” to name but two of the face palmiest examples.

See, the big problem here isn’t that it’s shamelessly poppy, pop music can be bloody brilliant when it’s done well (don’t pretend that you don’t love Taylor Swift, we all do). It’s the fact that this tries to masquerade as some kind of pop/rock hybrid, which bar the two or three guitar chords on the album, it isn’t even close to being. To be fair, though, they do have a song called ‘Fuck U Over’, those absolute rebels…

Basically, if you’re keen on pop-heavy ‘rock’, bands like There For Tomorrow and fun. already exist and they’re far less awful, so listen to them instead. But, if you’re particularly masochistic or just looking for some reassurance that your own band could indeed be worse, feel free to check this out; but just know that you’ll never be able to un-hear the “If I was Jay Z, you would be my Beyoncé, we could rock the nation like they do” line.

Written by Ryan De Freitas