ALBUM: The Secret Handshake – Night & Day

Release Date: August 17th, 2010
Label: Triple Crown Records


You never want a band to pull the same ideas out a recycle bin and mix them about a bit with album after album, but in the same light too much change or too big of a change alienates old fans, not to mention may be a change that the band just can’t pull off. ‘Night & Day’ is a two-part album, one part day and the other night to be released at a later date, from one-man-band The Secret Handshake (or Luis Dubuc).

This day part of the album is a huge refurbishment from The Secret Handshake‘s norm, shifting strongly from a mediocre dose of electro-pop and light rock to what is now nothing more than motown and soul. For an artist in a fairly underground position such as The Secret Handshake it’s a very brave and risky move, and frankly it hasn’t done Luis any favours at all.

Understandably as Luis has mentioned in interviews, he’s trying to try and branch his sound out from the younger audience of pop and rock, up to a slightly older and more mature ‘indie’ influenced music scene as he grows older musically and as a person himself. Motown just isn’t his style though at all and doesn’t look good on him, especially due to his less than impressive vocal ability. With motown and soul you can’t just be any average vocalist, you have to be outstanding, and that is something Luis is not.

Musically there’s not much on range here either, each song sounding like an almost replica imprint of the one before it, and the only track that sticks out as one you should at least check out is ‘Used To Be Sweet’ with contributions from Canadian songstress Lights. Even then, after 3 consecutive tracks in one sitting you’ll soon be approaching a boredom induced comatose, which is a shame as 2007’s debut label outing ‘One Full Year’ showed so much promise for the future.

Written by Zach Redrup