ALBUM: The Red Shore – The Avarice Of Man

Release Date: September 3rd, 2010
Label: Roadrunner Records
Website: None available


It was only a couple of years that disaster struck this band in a horrific van crash, and as of then their future was certainly doubtful. However, they’ve stepped up to the pedestal and shown their true colours with their third studio effort, ‘The Avarice Of Man’. Seemingly they would not be able to shake their deathcore tag off, but it would appear that The Red Shore have certainly stumped up a great collection of songs here.

After what seems like a totally pointless intro track, the chug and roars begin as the guttural splurge is thrown upon you. This is by far their best work musically, the riffs are impeccable and show a step up from their previous albums ‘Lost Verses’ and ‘Unconsecrated’. Combining breakdowns with melodic inserts and what only can be described as twiddly leads, it only shows the direction that the band can continue to go in. Whilst the vocal work could do with a little variation, it’s still more than passable and is ample when it comes to matching the guitar tone. Nothing short of devastating and brutal to the limits of man, it without doubt shows up the rest of the other ‘extreme metal’ albums released so far this year. ‘Inflict Decreation’ and ‘The Relapse Of Humanity’ are definitely the high points of the album as the relenting pace and sheer ferocity of the two make a case for total human annihiliation.

In short, be prepared to have a neck brace fitted after you’ve banged your head constantly to what seems like minute after minute of sheer intense, bone shattering heaviness. Definitely one for fanning the people in the room across with the hair twirling. Fucking A!

Written by Dom Wyatt