ALBUM: The Qemists – Warrior Sound

Release Date: March 4th 2016
Label: Amazing Record Co.


It’s been a whole six years since we’ve had any sort of release from Brighton based drum and bass/rock quintet The Qemists, but they’re back, and in mighty fine fashion too. The band have said they like to take time to perfect their sound, which has also been the case with ‘Join The Q’, which took five years to make.

This time around, they’ve expanded from a trio to a quintet, with vocalists Bruno Balanta and Oliver Simmons joining the ranks for this new full-length, ‘Warrior Sound’. The regular comparisons to both Enter Shikari and Pendulum are definitely justified here, with a heavy drum and bass style throughout

The record is certainly not short of guests either. ‘Jungle’ features guest appearances from both J Hurley and Ben Marvin of fellow British peers Hacktivist, who leave their stamp. Other guests also include Ghetts and Crossfaith ring leader, Kenta Koie. All the tracks on this album have one huge connection, and they’re all packed full of energy right to the brim.

‘Warrior Sound’ is a definitely a cut above all the rest. The Qemists have taken this album and the genre to a completely different level, and what a welcome it must be for the co-vocalists to be introduced to this band, and their world.

Written by Callum Griffin (@calgriffinn)