ALBUM: The Prodigy – The Day Is My Enemy

Release Date: March 30th 2015
Label: Take Me To The Hospital/Cooking Vinyl


With their unique capability to scale headline status on both rock and dance festival bills, the persistent live draw of rave titans The Prodigy is certainly not without merit. With their devastating electronic firepower as equally hard hitting as any in metal’s big leagues, theirs is a show jam packed with big beat A-bombs and riotous mosh-pit violence. Nowhere is this on-stage menace more precisely encapsulated than on ‘The Day Is My Enemy’.

Bolstering their party starting live ammunition with its aggro dance punk flavour, the delirious rocket charge of ‘Get Your Fight On’ and ‘Rok-Weiler’‘s thunderous drops nod towards an outfit venting in spectacularly aggressive style. Indeed, it could well be argued that this sixth full-length effort delivers the band’s most abrasive material to date.

Unapologetically fierce, the likes of ‘Ibiza’ and ‘Wall Of Death’ bring the ruckus with new levels of spitting vitriolic snarl and state of the art venom, and across its almost hour long running time there’s little to temper to the tumultuous whirlwind of blitzkrieg noise as the threesome dip their collective brush in every conceivable strain of dance’s rich palette (from dubstep to techno to break-beat).

Perhaps galvanized by recent social unrest and political malaise, ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ is a record cocooned by contemporary anger and thrumming with British spittle. Perhaps a tad exhausting in its constant savagery, notwithstanding this is undeniably the most vital release from The Prodigy since the 1997 hallmark ‘Fat Of The Land’, and continues their strident undertaking of expanding the vocabulary of heavy music.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)