ALBUM: The Plot In You – First Born

Release Date: April 19th, 2011
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


For a small name band, The Plot In You have been pretty busy pissing off hardcore fans around the world. Their song ‘Molester’ from their first EP ‘Wife Beater’ has become infamous for apparently ripping off the more esteemed For The Fallen Dreams. With their debut album ‘First Born’, they look to put all these comparisons aside and concentrate on standing on their own feet as a band.

Sadly, this is not really the case. Their generic formula of breakdown after breakdown with growled verses and sung choruses is one that has been heard all too many times before. Even more unfortunately for the band, the For The Fallen Dreams comparisons are still all too apparent throughout. If it weren’t for the circumstances this would not be a bad thing, but combined with the fact that vocalist Landon Tewers sounds like he should be in Attack Attack!, the band have set themselves up for their own inevitable downfall.

Before you even hear the bizarre and frankly atrocious opening to the first track, entitled ‘The Fathers Seed’, the band has you questioning their intention. As the song opens with a strange sample of “I’m pregnant” followed by a thunderous breakdown, the listener is left bemused. Since when a band thought it appropriate or a good idea to open an album that way I’m not entirely sure of, however, I am sure that it doesn’t get much better from here on in. Whilst the riffs on songs like ‘Bully’ and ‘Neighbors’ are good enough, they are far from amazing and are almost definitely not enough to save this album from the sea of unmemorable metalcore albums.

Whilst his work is overly generic, drummer Cole Worden impresses throughout as he manages to steady a sinking ship and keep a tidy rhythm throughout songs like ‘Filth’ and ‘Small Face’, which are otherwise ultimately dull affairs. Whilst neither are bad songs, they are just unmemorable, and being one of so many metalcore bands nowadays this is a big problem. It’s a similar pattern throughout which comes as somewhat of a disappointment. This said, there are some bad songs here like the slow burning closer ‘Dear Dad’ or the preceeding song, ‘Nothing Leaves This Room’.

I look forward to the day that a metalcore band can come out and surprise me, because in all honesty, ‘First Born’ may be one of the most predictable albums you will listen to all year. You can literally sit there and predict every drum fill and breakdown before you hear it. Whilst fans of the band may argue that this means accessibility, I argue that it is pure apathy to make an innovative album. Fair play to the band for making the music they love, but when you can hear it ten a penny there is an overwhelming desire to hear something new. However, fans of Asking Alexandria and Attack Attack! will undoubtedly lap this band up.

Written by Oliver Thompson