ALBUM: The Offspring – Days Go By

Release Date: June 26th, 2012
Label: Columbia Records


Pop-punk pioneers The Offspring proudly present us with album number nine, ‘Days Go By’. Having been around for about 28 years now, some people may think that they’re somewhat overstaying their welcome and that it may be time for them to retire. Well, those people are wrong, plain and simple. Just because they’re a little long in the tooth doesn’t mean that they can’t write great songs, right?

Like their preceeding albums ‘Splinter’ and ‘Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace’, new offering ‘Days Go By’ is essentially a more polished version of what The Offspring do. You have your rock anthems (‘Hurting As One’), your punk rock heavy songs (‘Divide By Zero’) and your novelty songs, which in this case is ‘Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Truck)’.

Now, I was originally going to give this album 8/10, but upon hearing ‘Cruising California’ I had to knock it down to 7/10. With frontman Dexter Holland attempting to rap about ‘Turning Up The Beats’ accompanied with an auto-tuned chorus, this a 3 and a half minute unforgivable atrocity. Even if it is a piss-take, and I hope it is, it’s not done well and not only will it make you immediately delete this song from your music library and throw your laptop/computer out of a window, but it will also have you gently rocking back and forth under a steaming hot shower, scouring your ears clean with a Brillo pad. I’m not over exaggerating, it is just that bad. Oh, and ‘OC Guns’ isn’t great either, but compared with that… thing, it’s like a work of Mozart.

Other than those two tracks and Dexter‘s patronising use of buzz words such as “holla” and “swag”, the album is pretty good. It may not be anything revolutionary nor is it essential listening, it is however what The Offspring do best and I for one applaud them for that. Who else can be this consistently good for the best part of a 30 year long career? Okay, there have been one or two stinkers released, but there are a copious amount of brilliant tracks to make up for that.

To say that ‘Days Go By’ is just a rehash of everything that has preceded it is perhaps a little cruel. Think of it more as a case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If you’re a die-hard The Offspring fan, this album won’t exactly bowl you over, but it won’t leave you disappointed either.

Written by Andrew Roberts