ALBUM: The Ocean Between Us – Savoir Faire

Release Date: March 25th, 2013
Label: A Wolf At Your Door Records
Website: None available


With a seemingly tireless work ethic and the weight of recent taste makers A Wolf At Your Door Records behind them, The Ocean Between Us are a name quick to spill from the lips when discussing exciting UK post-hardcore up-and-comers. Splicing both the fiercely intricate and a chest beating stomp, it’s perhaps because the Leeds quintet merge such a striking array of influence which has seen their acclaim skyrocket.

Indeed, we need look no further than opening track ‘In Sickness And Wealth’ to see evidence of this. Swinging groove and shimmering melodies clash with stop/start shifts and scything flashes of technicality, and from here on out we see that ‘Savoir Faire’ continues in a vein rich with variation. ‘The Liar, The Thief And The Useless’ marries a southern swagger with beauteous guitar leads and ‘Safety’ lunges at us with a skull caving severity, whereas closer ‘God Is An Atheist’ is morose slow burner which positively oozes sentiment, which is perhaps where The Ocean Between Us truly impress the most.

For all its instrumental violence, instrumentally centered numbers such as the fleeting ‘Now Here’ and a more expansive ‘Remember Yourself’ hint at certain hidden depths and emotional resonance which can just as easily bleed from the melancholia of the chords than from the conviction of the vocals, which undeniably heralds an outfit worth their salt.

‘Savoir Faire’ gives a laudable wealth of diversity for a debut record. Equal parts bounce, dexterity and hooks, all en vogue bases are covered aswell as a welcome dash of introspection and stirring rawness promising some intriguing future exploration. For any advocates of modern heavy music, The Ocean Between Us have something for you.

Written by Tony Bliss