ALBUM: The Maine – American Candy

Release Date: March 31st 2015
Label: Eighty One Twenty Three


It’s been a long time since pop-punk boys The Maine first appeared on the music scene with ‘Can’t Stope Won’t Stop’ back in 2008. Still persevering now in 2015, they’ve brought to us new album ‘American Candy’, a fitting title for a record made up of care-free, summery numbers. That said, this light-hearted attitude sometimes leaves much to be desired in terms of substance.

Opening number ‘Miles Away’ introduces the album nicely, painting a relaxed picture of a summer journey, with a chorus established just enough to keep in the listener’s memory. This chilled out theme is matched nicely by subsequent track, ‘Same Suit, Different Tie’. The Maine can be found at their heaviest on title track ‘American Candy’, a solid rock track which displays a great all around performance.

The band’s relaxed attitude unfortunately comes across as a hindrance at times on tracks such as ‘English Girls’, which centres around the topic of UK girls being easier than the band would expect. ‘My Hair’ is literally 3 minutes and 15 seconds of singing about not cutting your hair. Obviously not every song has to be a heart-wrenching ballad, but some substance wouldn’t go amiss. This point is only made more prominent with poignant track ’24 Floors’, dealing with battling with depression and so focusing on the complete other end of the spectrum in terms of seriousness.

Closing number ‘Another Night On Mars’ is a nice piano-led track with a solid vocal performance from frontman John O’Callaghan rounding off the album. ‘American Candy’ is a solid record from The Maine and ideal for the summer, but it’s not an album packed with exceptional performances. It’s well rounded, but sadly probably won’t be taking the world by storm anytime soon.

Written by Jon Barlow (@Narlow1)