ALBUM: The James Warner Prophecies – Things Change

Release Date: March 12th, 2012
Label: Sound-Hub Records


“I think I love the way you speak to me / It makes me high / I really want to hold you so you never leave my sight” sings frontman Joe Brown in his husk like voice. If this record isn’t drenched in passion and sincerity, then I don’t know what is. The James Warner Prophecies are a three-piece band based in Derby, who at first glance would look like the last few people to heartedly sing about relationships and loyalty, but opener ‘Define’ does just that.

‘Things Change’ is one of the few records that diverts so widely, it’s hard to hear even a minor recurring theme; if Joe isn’t openly bitter on ‘My Left Hand Waves Goodbye’ then the band are feeling slightly reggae on the sombre track, ‘James Warner’s Dying Words’, which is a vivid insight into the Derby lads’ experimentation with their sound.

Title-track ‘Things Change’ explodes open with an aggressive and ruthless combination of riffs and beats, the tenth track, being a personal highlight, incorporates the band’s energy, merciless talent and overall hard work. So much effort has been put into ‘Things Change’, and every intricate detail has been polished and perfected so that it’s clear The James Warner Prophecies love what they do. Joe, Dan Williams and Thom Millington all have masses of talent under their belts.

Their punk, or rock and roll, or experimental rock sounds leaves them completely indefinable, The James Warner Prophecies don’t really fit into a bracket. The creativity they have plummets them into a radar I’m struggling to truly identify, nor can I even begin to contemplate who James Warner actually is. Just take my word for it, ‘Things Change’ is beautifully liberal. The 11-track album will leave you desperate for more, especially with the record finishing with the remarkable ‘Itch’.

Written by Sian Hodkin