ALBUM: The Hives – Lex Hives

Release Date: June 4th, 2012
Label: Disque Hives


The Hives are back to their old tricks with album number five, ‘Lex Hives’. It seems that they were some what disgruntled with their old label, so they broke off and made their own: Disque Hives. ‘Lex Hives’ was created entirely by the band themselves, writing, recording, producing; they did it all. It’s good to see that a band has such a hands on approach at this point in their career.

As for the album itself, it’s a damn fine record – 12 tracks of fast-paced rock that are all well written, diverse and catchy as hell. With your standard rock bands of today, you would buy their album and there would be a few hit songs on their, but the rest would just be filler. But with this album, The Hives are back on form and each song is a treat to listen to (with the only exception being ‘I Want More’, that song annoyed the hell out of me, but that’s just me).

It seems that when left to their own devices, The Hives are perfectly capable of creating an exceptional album. It may not be my kind of thing, but I know good music when I hear it. Not to mention, these Swedes are touring the UK later on in the year and you should go see them. Songs such as ‘Go Right Ahead’ and ‘Take Back The Toys’ are perfect for the live environment.

If I’m honest, there’s nothing left to say, so I’m not going to waste your time by waffling on. ‘Lex Hives’ is a diverse, well structured album that is thoroughly entertaining to listen. Even if you are a die-hard fan or completely indifferent, this is an album that can be enjoyed by all.

Written by Andy Roberts