ALBUM: The Fallows – Face The Wolves

Release Date: September 3rd, 2012
Label: 4 Real Records


The Fallows are a Coventry-based folk rock group who’ve been described by critics as ‘energy’. High praise. The group pay a large amount of attention to their live show, but this review will be focused on their 4 Real Records-released debut album, titled ‘Face The Wolves’.

‘We Are The Hunted’ is a perfunctory opening track, setting the scene for the rest of the album; mid-paced, fiddle-heavy whilst vocalist Ross Darby does his channels as best as he can in his vocals. Follow-up track ‘When The Sun Goes Down’ has more of an electric feel, but much like ‘Front Row’, ‘Raining Back Home’ and ‘Lo And Behold’, it all feels like treading the same ground.

That’s not to say that an album shouldn’t have a level of consistency, but this has the consistency of butter. Or margarine, as butter would be evocative of taste, texture, versatility. At the same time, this is also rich, fatty music well suited to the background of some Oxfordshire dinner party where all the bald, goateed guys discuss their microbreweries and blogs, or whatever’s relevant in 2012.

Essentially, this is boredom on a CD. This is worthy of a five, as they’ve incorporated a fiddle. It’s perfectly listenable, and undoubtably made with the best intentions. However, that doesn’t save it from being a meandering, listless tribute to the countryside, harmonicas and all. This makes Snow Patrol look like GWAR.

‘It’s Not Over’ sounds tinged with melancholy as the band seem resigned to having Kerry Katona speak over it whilst flogging frozen foods near the Christmas season. In response to their album title, ‘Fear The Wolves’, there should be no worry as all the band have to do is whip out a… bassoon and bore the poor creatures to death. Nearly bored us to death anyhow.

Butter your boring black bread with the marge of The Fallows, this is the future and everything is boring.

Written by Fin Murphy