ALBUM: The Eyes Of A Traitor – Breathless

Release Date: July 12th, 2010
Label: Listenable Records
Website: None available


Now The Eyes Of A Traitor have a very hard job with what they do, having had the hype wagon firmly on their side after the release of the ‘By Sunset’ EP, to which they received herald from magazines around the world due to their young age. ‘A Clear Perception’ followed and so did the good reviews, and although they seemed to die down on the touring front they are still at the forefront of the underground UK metal scene just waiting to burst through the seams. Now they’ve come out with their second full-length ‘Breathless’, where they seem to have gone back to a very raw and commanding, not to mention competent sound.

Smashing your skulls in all the right places and still messing with your brain with intricate guitar tweaks, it has the stamp that TEOAT have used to gain such a reputation since their inception. Jack Delaney still has all the skills required of the frontman as he dominates track after track with his crisp and pentrating vocal style sure to leave you hanging on every word.

Having had exposure on the Daniel P Carter rock show, ‘Come To My Senses’ hits hard on your ear drums and in true TEOAT spirit the seconds go by without you understanding what could happen next. Without a doubt reality hits with ‘Talk Of The Town’, as the progressive sound rears it ugly head and head butts you straight back to where you came from. It hits hard and it hits hard aplenty, and will certainly prove a hit with the crowd who enjoy solos and stupidly heavy and ground smashing breakdowns and riffs.

Whilst they may find it hard to keep the hype mobile rolling, with this surely competent effort they have done exactly that. With enough of a push 2010 could be their year as they strive for success on a huge scale. Definitely, in my opinion, one of the best metal records of the year for UK bands, and well, all the other bands around the world.

Written by Dom Wyatt