ALBUM: The Evil Dead – Pronounced The Evil Dead

Release Date: January 30th, 2012
Label: Rising Records
Website: None available
Twitter: None available


Sometimes it’s better to go into an album with no expectations. The Evil Dead are a band that are about as easy to place as they are to find on Google. With a name like this, they could only be from South America, a region where heavy metal is basically a religion and the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica are hailed as gods. With a clear passion for their trade, The Evil Dead play heavy metal like it never went out of fashion (wait… was it ever in fashion?).

The music follows an 80s style, but the vocals are like something off an Immortal album; it’s almost like the band have just heard a few songs from random genres and extrapolated to create a sound that takes from black metal as much as it does dad rock. It would be easy to sound monumentally shit, and unfortunately there are a select few bands from this part of the world that do it horribly wrong, but it all comes together create a very enjoyable record.

Right from the get go with opener ‘Graverobbin” there are promising signs; the riffs are good and blend together well, despite differing a lot between verse and chorus. This is a theme that continues through the album, sometimes working well but sometimes coming off as cluttered (most notably on ‘Perfect Day (In Planet Hell)’). There are all your standard heavy metal themes lying around as well; pirates (see ‘Piratefest’ and ‘Bootleggers’), fantasy (‘The Blood Monster’) and, of course, death (‘What If You Die?’).

‘Dead By Dawn’ is quite like an Alestorm track, but without the whimsy of the accordions and keyboards. To think that this sounds boring though would be poor judgement. Actually, there aren’t any proper cleans on the whole record, and this just adds to the intrigue; ‘What If You Die?’ could be a nice little Led Zeppelin unreleased track if it wasn’t for the Amon Amarth harsh vocals.

It’s testament to the power of heavy metal that a band from as far afoot as South America can get signed to a label like Rising Records with their début and fit right in with the rest of the metal scene straight away. Whether they’re forced down our throats a la Rise To Remain is yet to be seen though, but don’t expect The Evil Dead to just fuck off without a fight.

Written by Martin Savage