ALBUM: The Defiled – Grave Times

Release Date: February 14th, 2011
Label: Raise The Game
Website: None available


“Too goth for metal, too metal for goth”, a conclusion from The Defiled, who are trying to break into a new genre on album ‘Grave Times’. Hitting hard and furious on the metal side, the ‘goth’ rears its head when the guys appear in matching outfits with Manson-esque hair.

You might be further put-off to hear they’re fresh from a UK tour with Murderdolls and trashy rock connoisseurs Black Veil Brides, whose musical success seems mirrored by the preferences of a mass-mob of screaming band whores, a genre which The Defiled are safe from falling into at least. The breakout album pursues first EP ‘1888’, named so after the year which Jack the Ripper let loose maiming. Plenty of dark imagery and macabre to be expected from these guys then.

Comparisons reign down on the London band. Having been cast as a more inventive Bullet For My Valentine, straight from inaugural and probably heaviest track ‘In The Land Of Fools’ the influence is as plain as a chainsaw to the face. Interspersed keyboard work adds a melodic touch, but it’s just that. Where uplifting keyboards and electronics worked on Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘There Is A Hell…’ last year, it only goes to show the shortfall of The Defiled‘s efforts. If metal is going stale, then keyboardist/vocalist A.v.D is probably not our saviour.

Everything feels a bit outdated, from the echoes of BFMV to the gothic influence in the lyricism. Clean vocals only serve to dilute the aimed for tenacity on tracks such as ‘Call To Arms’, though singer Stitch D employs capable scream techniques. ‘The Resurrectionists’ and ‘Metropolis’ are both highly charged, unfaltering tracks however, that show the undeniable talent of The Defiled. Beatdowns reign down like bullets and they balance well enough riffs and satisfying double-kicks to entertain the ears of your average metal fan on ‘Grave Times’.

If synth-driven metalcore sums up what you enjoy, then dive straight into this album. But if you’re looking for something groundbreaking and fresh from the metal scene, this most definitely isn’t it.

Written by Heather O’Donnell