ALBUM: The Defiled – Daggers

Release Date: August 5th, 2013
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Website: None available


The problem with being in a dramatic goth horror band is that your music has to be good enough to avoid being seen as just make-up covered scenesters with ridiculous hair and crazy names like The AvD and Needles. The Defiled‘s brand new album, ‘Daggers’, shows why they’re a new force in British heavy metal as we embrace their extravagant look and chaotic style with their fan-pledged follow-up to ‘Grave Times’.

Two big singles greet you at the door to drag you into the album. ‘Unspoken’ grabs your attention with a While She Sleeps-esque intro and a harmonising chorus that works as a perfect juxtaposition to lead singer Stitch, erupting into the second chorus like he has a point to prove. Before that, ‘Sleeper’ kicks off the album with an expected dramatic opening, but thankfully the band chose to lead it into a full song instead of leaving a whole track just for an introduction. The song isn’t as heavy as what follows, but the groove riffs and catchiness of the chorus combine to create a killer start to ‘Daggers’.

The biggest improvement from their debut release can be heard in the production; ‘Daggers’ sounds bigger, bolder and better thanks to the band going across the pond to Florida like rock giants and working with metalhead producer, Jason Suecof, who helped push Trivium to international stardom. The integration of programming and synth into the music is effortless and fits perfectly, reminiscent of the industrial movement in the 90s with bands such as Nine Inch Nails. ‘The Infected’ is a monster electronic track, which most bands today would take the easy way out with dubstep sounds included, but The Defiled have cleverly steered well clear and it’s sure to stand the test of time for longer due to it.

The Defiled are finally proving why they’re being categorised with Bury Tomorrow and Asking Alexandria as the future of UK heavy metal. Plus, with serious riffs in ‘Fragments Of Hope’ and ‘As I Drown’ being better than anything from ‘Temper, Temper’, they’ll be hoping to be nicking at the heels of Bullet For My Valentine as soon as possible.

Written by Michael Heath

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