ALBUM: The Dagger – The Dagger

Release Date: June 30th, 2014
Label: Century Media Records
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Grave. Dismember. Necronaut. Combine current and ex-members of these bands and you’ll get a super heavy Swedish death metal band, right? Wrong. Instead, The Dagger play traditional heavy metal a la early Iron Maiden. In terms of subject familiarity, this is comparable to Nelson Mandela going stock car racing.

Ignore what Tobias Cristiansson (bass), Fred Estby (drums) and David Blomqvist (guitars) have done in the past, or what they continue to do in another guise. The Dagger are here to provide a different output for some very talented musicians. Joined by singer Jani Kataja, the Swedes have written an album to slot in with the current NWOTHM boom happening thanks to Enforcer, In Solitude, et al. It’s an album that practically sweats used mid-1970s leather and wouldn’t be out of place in the vinyl collection of some long-haired, circular glasses wearing, wistful old fellow.

‘The Dagger’ is chocked full of beard-stroking, pipe-puffing cuts of the decade that truly did not care how beige it was. There’s even a song called ‘1978’. This is no short-sighted grasp at re-inventing the genre, nor is it merely a tribute album, but an insight into what death metal musicians can do on their days off from being screwed by Satan. Take any of the tracks here, be it ‘Nocturnal Triumph’, ‘Ahead Of You All’, ‘Electric Dawn’ – any one would slot in nicely in a playlist alongside Black Sabbath‘s early material.

It’s important to note that The Dagger are no “hobby band”. In a recent interview with, Estby re-iterated the fact that The Dagger aren’t meant to be just another thing on the side, but a band in their own right. They also plan to tour very soon.

Written by MG Savage (@MGSavagewriter)