ALBUM: The Computers – Love Triangles Hate Squares

Release Date: April 29th, 2013
Label: One Little Indian


After their debut full-length album of aggressive punk rock ‘This Is The Computers’, you may have been fooled into thinking that, you know, that was The Computers. Two years later we’re presented with ‘Love Triangles Hate Squares’, an unexpectedly different follow-up that brings us an updated version of the band who are more bluesy and chilled out than ever before. This isn’t the sound of The Computers that we’re accustomed to and don’t be put off by that; it’s a new and exciting version.

The most notable difference from previous releases by the band is frontman Al Kershaw‘s voice is now smooth and soothing as opposed to his edgy harsh vocals that fans are used to. Melodic fun tracks such as ‘Call On You’ and ‘Nothing To Say’ present new sing-along opportunities to the band with the 50s rock ‘n’ blues influence even stronger in ‘Love Triangles Hate Squares’, just the screeching and drum fills have been replaced with back-up singing and piano riffs. Despite being a story of a transgender prostitute, ‘Selina Chinese’ is a dancing song through and through, while album opener ‘Bring Me The Head Of A Hipster’ adds a dash of harmonica to the fast guitar driven good time song about killing the cool kids.

Big funky single ‘Mr. Saturday Night’ is a phenomenal soul-pop track that would feel at home in a bar, on the radio or in an open field at a festival. The Computers have managed to create a sound for all to enjoy, despite not fitting into any major modern genre. Similarly, title-track ‘Love Triangles Hate Squares’ has background “woah”s to hook you in and a guitar line which will make you go out and buy shoes especially made for tapping your feet.

Although now more at home supporting Kaiser Chiefs as opposed to The Ghost Of A Thousand, older fans should approach this release with an open mind. An incredible transformation has seen The Computers progress from creating ballsy hardcore punk tracks to a 50s blues rock album for those lovely summer days where you can hear the beer garden calling you. So, dig out those dark sunglasses, sun cream and questionable cut-off jeans and grab a drink, bask in the sun, and spin the new record from The Computers because it will have you rocking and rolling all summer long.

Written by Mike Heath

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