ALBUM: The Color Morale – Know Hope

Release Date: March 26th, 2013
Label: Rise Records
Website: None available


The Color Morale were arguably one of the first bands to explore the more melodic areas of metalcore after they dropped their debut back in 2009. Since then, metalcore bands with high vocals and an overload of breakdowns have become ridiculously popular. It takes but one look at Tumblr to see a thousand pictures of Sleeping With Sirens members with comments like “omg, my babieees!”. So, why has the irritable race of fan girls attached themselves to bands like Asking Alexandria and Pierce The Veil instead of The Color Morale? Quite frankly, TCM were here first, they’re the ones who deserve the Tumblr fans.

Their latest album could grab the attention of those fans. ‘Know Hope’ sounds like a huge compilation of what’s been happening in the melodic half of the metalcore genre in the past five years. There are parts of this record that sound like every band in the scene, from Asking Alexandria to Sleeping With Sirens. This may not be new or exiting, but there’s a huge audience of people who find bands like this and latch on to them, because they feel like it’s their own, like it’s their band, despite the subpar content the band is offering. Expect this band’s lyrics to be appearing on a fan girl’s Twitter feed sometime soon. However, this album won’t appeal to anyone outside of that market.

For the people who don’t really dabble in this type of metalcore and only like the occasional The Amity Affliction tune, this band are just gonna be another that you overlook. Due to the lack of originality on this record, the band are really gonna have a hard time expanding out from this scene. Even though tunes like ‘Burn Victims’ and ‘Learned Behavior’ are backed with enough hooks, the album is mostly a collection of average songs that blur together.

Back to the original question: why is the newer wave of “tumblr-core” bands more popular? Well, mostly because they’re more interesting. Wether you hate them for it or not, other bands do this same style but with a catch or an element that The Color Morale are missing, and because of this they may continue to fall under the radar.

Written by Jack King