ALBUM: The Calling Card – Everything You’re Not

Release Date: June 18th, 2012
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Twitter: None available


“I swear we’ll be unstoppable” is what Welsh frontman Benj promises in opening track ‘The New Kings Of This Town’ and it’s undeniable that the five piece pop-punk band have their future firmly in the palm of their hands. ‘Everything You’re Not’ is an album that paints an optimistic picture for the outfit from South Wales; it’s punchy, catchy and completely radio friendly. So, it’s not completely original, no, but that doesn’t mean that the band don’t have the talent to deserve all their glory.

Everything about ‘Everything You’re Not’ is clean and tightened up, ‘Weight Of The World’ is one of the more sober and mellow tracks of the record, whereas ‘Why So Serious?’ conjures up a playful edge with its rhythmic guitar hooks. The record then pounces into ‘Everybody Gets One’ where it’s bold and striking energy rips into the listener’s ears, but the soft and gentle vocals of Benj counterbalances the aggression.

‘Lost At Sea’ is the most heartfelt and passionate track of the record, “All I have are dreams of you / Jesus, please don’t take my baby away / Took away the best of us” granted aren’t the most soul destroying lyrics, but they’re personal to the band and that’s what adds to the sincerity of the track.

Overall, The Calling Card are well on their way to a good run. There are areas to work on, but there’s no doubt that the outfit are a talented bunch of lads. Think Kids In Glass Houses with a little less attitude, or Futures with a little more.

Written by Sian Hodkin